Monday, April 30, 2007

At least one post in April!!!

What is it they say about the path to heaven being paved with good intentions? Well, I intended to do a better job keeping up with this blog. Somehow (don't ask me!) 3 babies, a husband, a dog and a full-time job keep getting in the way of regular posts! So here you go ... April ... the month in pictures! My-oh-my how quickly they grow!

Jackson wants Mommy's bacon!

Their first Easter! Check out their cute baskets. Of course, I had to help them eat their peeps!

All 5 of us that the Netherton's house after Church on Easter!

Kelly with the babies (everybody needs a Kelly!!) on Easter

William and Addison arm wrestling! Jackson looking at William having a "come apart" as my mom would say! The boys just hanging out before William's come apart.

W, A, and J just chillin'! W, A, and J

W, A and J
They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery! Who is imitating who?
They love their carrots! J, A, and W
The following set of pictures lets you see how much work really goes into getting these cute photos. Especially the ones of all 5 of us when we are taking them ourselves!
Babies everywhere! W and A falling down.
W and A on the decline ...
It is starting to fall apart! Jackson breaking away ...
There goes W again!
Somehow we pulled it all together! Of course, only Mom and Dad are looking at the camera. They need someone standing there making funny faces at them so they will look at the camera!
NICU reunion day! Look at all the triplets!
Mom and Jackson hanging out on Sunday!
Play time in the back yard on a beautiful Saturday morning!
All 3!
William sitting in Mommy's lap ... almost a "self portrait"!
J and A playing together
J, A, and W playing with their keys
A says "I've got you now!"
Jackson looking too cute in his bouncer
We went to the Dallas Arboretum with two sets of twins from our multiples class. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful day to be there. Of course, with 7 babies, we drew a lot of attention. One woman even hiked 1/2 way across the Arboretum to see the babies. Then she said all the baies were the best flowers in the place! I agree!
William snoozing
All 3!
Mom with the babies!
Dad with the babies!
Mom as a butterfly!
A blanket full of babies!
Allie and Brooke and their parents (see link to their blog on our site). They are identical twins ... and I definitely can't tell them apart!
Peyton and Lainey and their parents (see link to their blog as well). They are not sure if they are identical or not, but they look just alike as well!
So how did we get 3 very different babies!!!!! The end of a long day! We are losing Jackson!
Mom and Addison having a little Mommy and me time on a Saturday afternoon.
Cool babies! J, A, and W
Going for a walk!
The boys playing around!
Green beans ... compliments of Dad when Mom was out of town!
Jackson (otherwise known as smiley)!
William chewing on Addison's fingers!
W and A playing!
A and W
Rice cereal anyone?