Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, this is only a few weeks late! I uploaded the pictures in a timely manner, just never got around to actually posting them! :)

We had a wonderful Easter that started off with the kiddos opening their baskets Sunday morning and then off to church we went. We finished the day with Sunday dinner at my parents house and Easter Egg Hunting with our cousins.

The highlight of the day? Well two of them really ...

1. In church Sunday morning, William was praying out loud. When the kiddos started talking, we encouraged them to pray out loud along with us. We would say a few words, they would repeat them back to us. Guess I wasn't thinking about what would happen when they heard other people pray. Normally they go to nursury during the service, but we had a special service Easter morning and we wanted the kids to be part of it. When our Associate Minister (Charlie) was praying, little William prayed right along with him. It was precious. The gentleman sitting next to us commented on it after the service ... he said "Your son praying was one of the most touching moments of the service. He was really listening." And to think that I was worried that it was bothering those around us!

2. A day or so after Easter, here was Jackson's prayer:

"Thank you God for ... my bed, my milk, Glowie, all our friends ... and Jesus who died on cross and came back. Amen"

You know what? They really are listening! Amidst all the fun and commercialization that is Easter, my children are the ones who really get it.

Thank you God for Jesus who died on the cross and came back.


Addison and her cousing Kate checking out the money the found in an egg that Granddaddy hid! Addison in the dress that Grandma Jack made (she made the boys shirts too!)

All 5 cousins in one frame ... Kate, Abby, Jackson, William and Addison ... only missing one!


Granddaddy and his grandkids ... looks like he is the pied piper!

My parents with the kiddos!

Kate and Abby