Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!

We spent last Friday night and Saturday at my parents house. We went up there trying to get some pictures of all the grandkids for my parents to use as a Christmas card. It was very cold that day and of course I didn't have coats for the kids. I just can't bring myself to spend that much money on something they will only wear 2-3 times! We do live in Alabama ... my husband wears shorts year-round. It just hardly ever gets cold!

But it was cold Saturday ... at least as low as the 30's. Bright, beautiful, clear, sunshinny and cold! Here are some of the best pics we got that day. Not great ... and as usual Addison was not happy for the group shots!

Checking out the water fountain The best one of the 5 of us!
Unhappy Addison
My little boy William
Brotherly love!
The Trio with their twin cousins ... this is what it would be like to have quintuplets!
Outside in the fake snow waiting to see Santa
What a wonderful time of year this is! I love all of the beautiful lights and Christmas decorations! The beautiful red bows everywhere ... how people are unusually friendly and courteus this time of year. All the wonderful food that I get to eat because it is Christmas! The fact that I get a couple of days off work to spend with my family ...

But most of all, I love the fact that Jesus left his warm and perfect heaven to come to our cold and ungrateful earth. It was that simple, magnificent act that put Him here ... here where He would live for thirty-something years before He would give His life for me.

That is what Christmas is really about. Amazing and beautiful.

Merry Christmas to all of you. May God keep you safe during this holiday season.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

How stubborn can a 2 year old be?

My Dear Sweet Little Addison,

Mommy always wanted a little girl ... well, for at least as long as Mommy has wanted children! God knew what Mommy's heart desired and He saw fit to place you with me (and your Daddy too!). What a special little girl you are.

You love pink. In fact, you often call yourself "pink". Yelling to all who will listen ... I PINK! I PINK! I PINK! When we found out we were having 2 boys and a girl, I so hoped that you would be somewhat of a girly-girl. Not the princess, prissy sort, but the kind who likes pretty dresses and bows and would sometimes like to play with a doll or two. With two brothers who like to rough-house around, you are forced to hold your own ... and you do! But somewhere in the midst of all of the dinosaurs, race cars, and balls, you managed to grab hold of a few girly-girl things and hang-on with all of your might! You love all things pink ... you have to have a pink plate at every meal, a pink fork, pink cup, pink clothes, pink toys (if there is one) and pink hats. And for now, at least, you tolerate bows and dresses! We are still working on the doll thing ... for now, you would much rather have a soccer ball!

I know you will not want to hear this when you get older, but you really are a little mini-me. Everyone who knows me and sees you thinks so. In fact, our hair is the exact same color ... in pictures sometimes I can't tell where my hair ends and yours begins! But how much you look like me is just the tip of the iceberg as to how much you act like me. You love to eat ... especially meat. We call you our little carnivore. When you wake up in the morning you like to hang-out in your bed for half an hour or so just lounging around or reading a book. You have a tendancy to whine to get what you want ... but you have been doing so much better with this!

You are as smart as a whip. You figured out early on that if the boys have something you want, it is easier to find something they will trade for than to try to get it from them or wait for them to finish playing with it. You love animals ... all animals! You are not afraid of them like your brothers are sometimes. And you especially like goats ... just like Mommy!

You are bossy and love to be in control. You do a good job of helping Mommy and Daddy keep the boys in line and are definitely a good helper. You like to be the one to hand out the snacks and collect the toothbrushes when we finish brusing our teeth. You teacher said last week "she was telling everybody what to do today!" You are also the comforter. When the boys are upset you play "little Mommy" and take care of them making sure they have their favorite stuffed animal or blanket.

You are our little "skater girl" and always have to have a hat on. It is so rare to see you without a hat, I almost forgot how beautiful your hair is pulled back in a pretty little bow! You are possessive and the first to say mine. In fact, you say mine so often, I think you could try out for a seagull role in the next Finding Nemo.

And you are stubborn. If you don't want to do something, there really isn't any making you do it. You are so cute when we tell you to come to us and you take these teeny little steps ... enough forward movement that you know you won't get in trouble, but so painstakingly small and slow that it is all your dad and I can do to not go to you!

But tonight, I think you took the cake for stubbornness. All day today, Daddy has been trying to get you to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. Your brothers do it. But you flat-out refuse. So the deal was, you had to cover your mouth one time and cough or you would have to go to bed without your paci. One time! Just one single time! We even told you it could be a fake cough. You said no. When Daddy asked you what was more important to you ... making your point and going without your paci or giving in and covering your mouth ... you choose to go without your paci. So as of tonight ... you are paci free!

But most of all Addison, you are a Mommy's girl through and through. When Mommy is around you are like velcro to me. I either have to hold your or hold your hand all the time. And I love it! Now don't get me wrong ... there have been times where this drives me crazy. And I just stop and think about what a wonderful gift you are and that the years will go by so quickly and soon you won't want your Mommy to hold you and kiss you.

You are quick to tell me you love me and to give me hugs and kisses. God knew my heart and he gave me you. I know the most important thing I can do for you is to teach you to love Him. I am sometimes overcome by the tremendous responsibility we have raising the 3 of you. I praise God for blessing me with you (and your brothers) and I pray for His hand to always be present in our raising all 3 of you. If you can love the Lord as much as you love pink you will be OK!