Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chocolate Cake

This past weekend, I had a craving for chocolate cake.  When I was a kid, I was in 4-H and one of the activities that I participated in was baking.  I used to bake --from scratch-- a lot when I was younger ... well, honestly, right up until the time we had kids ... OK, maybe not a lot but some!  Since then, the only thing I've baked came from a box (not that the amazing , triple-chunk brownies Al  makes are bad :) )

So, I decided that I would make a chocolate cake this past weekend ... from scratch.  I remembered that when I was baking as a kid, my favorite chocolate cake was a chocolate mayonaise cake.  So, with the help of google, I found a receipe and made my cake.

It was good!  Not as good as the chocolate cake at my friend Laura's wedding ... but good nonetheless.  The icing was GREAT!  I made a chocolate, butter-cream icing from scratch as well.  Next time I'll double the receipe for that!  Now, needless to say the cake was enjoyed by all ... and was a treat for the kiddos.

One night, after dinner, we gave each of the kids a small slice.  Addison and William quickly ate theirs.  Jackson, as usual, took his time.  All of a sudden, he spit out something dark and hard.  Definitely not cake.  Al and I looked at him and looked at it ... and he said, "I got Chocolate on my Bubble Gum."

He had been eating the cake without taking the gum out of his mouth!  Did I mention the kids are really into gum right now?