Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Dogwood Festival

What a great weekend we had! We went up to Athens (my parents home town) for the Dogwood festival. For those of you who may not know what a dogwood is ... see the picture below. It is a beautiful flowering, under-story tree. They come in white and pink (to my knowledge) and don't get too tall ... but they are so pretty! Then in the evening, we went to a suprise birthday/retirement party for Mr. Roy and Ms. Nita! They sure have been a blessing for our family this past year ... travelling all the way to Texas to help out when the kiddos were small and then helping out this past month during our move. Thank you!!!
So the kids had their picure made on this old firetruck ... and Al and I thought we were going to have to buy it! Notice that Willim looks like he is driving it? Well, he did manage to start it up while he was sitting there! I almost had a heart attack! Let's just say that Al and I move pretty quick when the need arises!
Granddaddy and Addison! Thanks for a fun day Granddaddy! And below, Grandaddy with Addison, Mimi, Mom with William and Daddy with Jackson!
Notice the nice bruise on Jackson's cheek? He took a little tumble into the window sill on Friday!
I had to include this one ... everyone who knows Addison knows she likes to eat! Here she is going after a graham cracker!
William and Jackson both did a great job of wearing their hats all day. We were trying to make sure they didn't get sunburned. Notice Addison in the back-ground on this pic ... she looks a little like a vampire!
Addison getting her groove on in these two pictures ... a little disco groove! I think she liked listening to the music the most!

Friday, April 18, 2008

We are BIG kids now!

The kids have officially given up their high-chairs. I'm not sure Al and I are ready for this, but so far, so good. Mimi and Granddaddy gave us this great table and chairs ... just the right size for 3 little ones! Once they saw this table in the kitchen, they were having none of their old high-chairs. If it continues to work out, I may try to sell the high chairs in the neighborhood yard-sale in May!
The kids also started a Mother's Day Out program ... or should I say Daddy's Day Out program at a local church. They love it! Al and I were a little nervous about how they would do, but they took to it like little champs! We may have some social kids after all! Aren't they cute in their back-packs? :) More chair pictures ... because these are really too cute to pass up! William taking his chair back to the kitchen ... and Addison getting mad because she isn't quite strong enough to pick hers up!
Just a cute one of William hiding the lens cap to the camera between his feet ... like Mommy won't see it there!
We all love our yogurt!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bible Study

Just before we left Dallas, we attended Home Group at the Netherton's. What a wonderful gathering of people for Christion fellowship and to study the Bible and praise God. We had such a good time, we wish we had attended sooner ... but we have definitely resolved to find a Home Group here to get involved with.
Addison trying to lead Bible Study!

Addison and Miss Kelly

Addison wearing my favorite shirt ... "I play with my food"

Yes, the boys were there too! I just didn't get any good pics of them!

Take care!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

25 THOUSAND pounds of stuff ...

That is what the moving company says we have ... 25,000 pounds of stuff. Where did it all come from? I remember when I could fit all of my stuff in my car and it wasn't that long ago. Well, now that I think about it, it was 18 years ago! Wow! On our last move we only took a week or so to get settled in. On our last move we didn't have kids. You need a lot more stuff when you have kids and you outgrow your stuff pretty quickly. My problem is that as they outgrow the stuff, I'm not keeping up with getting rid of the stuff. But guess what. My new neighborhood is having a yard sale the first weekend in May. So, I have incentive to go thru all of my stuff and get rid of everything I don't need. Like that size 5 blue, cord dress hanging in my closet? One of my favorite dresses of all-time. Let's face it ... I'm never going to be a size 5 again ... not to mention, if I did get down to a size 5 I would be treating myself to a whole new wardrobe ... not wearing some old dress from 1994! We've not got a basement FULL of stuff that I don't have time to go thru. I can barely get our essentials unpacked and put away. 30++ years of my stuff, 10 1/2 years of marriage stuff, 1 1/2 years of baby stuff ... no wonder my basement is so full! Here's hoping that we make enough at the garage sale to buy a new fridge ... did I mention that ours won't fit in the spot in our new house! :) Al loaded down in the mini-van headed from Texas to Alabama. A van-load of plants and motorcycles!
The back of the big truck that moved all of our stuff ... 25,000 pounds of stuff!
Just another shot of the truck ... you can see our new house in the background!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


We had a great Easter Holiday. We were all together ... after being separated for the week due to the move! The kiddos are sporting Easter outfits made by Al's Mom ... Grandma Jack. Thanks Grandma Jack! We celebrated the day with our family in Alabama. It is good to be home!
Just the 5 of us!

Super cool Addison!

William and Mommy

Cousins Kate and Abby

Super Cool William (the sun glasses were a hit all around!)

And last, but certainly not least ... Super Cool Jackson!

Jackson and his bunny ears ...

Addison relaly enjoying her bunny ears!


All 3 with their baskets ... no candy ... just toys!

Kate and Abby in their new chairs!

Sweet Addison and an egg!

The baskets ...

The kiddos "opening" their baskets ...

The sand shovels were a big hit! Thanks Mimi!