Friday, April 18, 2008

We are BIG kids now!

The kids have officially given up their high-chairs. I'm not sure Al and I are ready for this, but so far, so good. Mimi and Granddaddy gave us this great table and chairs ... just the right size for 3 little ones! Once they saw this table in the kitchen, they were having none of their old high-chairs. If it continues to work out, I may try to sell the high chairs in the neighborhood yard-sale in May!
The kids also started a Mother's Day Out program ... or should I say Daddy's Day Out program at a local church. They love it! Al and I were a little nervous about how they would do, but they took to it like little champs! We may have some social kids after all! Aren't they cute in their back-packs? :) More chair pictures ... because these are really too cute to pass up! William taking his chair back to the kitchen ... and Addison getting mad because she isn't quite strong enough to pick hers up!
Just a cute one of William hiding the lens cap to the camera between his feet ... like Mommy won't see it there!
We all love our yogurt!


Denise Wheeler said...

Ok Quenta,
First- too cute pictures.
Second- as if it isn't bad enough that our girls look like they should be twins at least 2 of the pictures I notice that our girls have the exact same shirts.
Third-it is nice to see that I am not the only with boxes still around.
Last but not least- thanks for continuing to check up on us.

Lynn Leaming said...

Love seeing pictures. I just can't believe how much the kids are growing!! Thanks for keeping us updated.

L. Nolley said...

Q- That is the CUTEST set of pics!! What a great idea with the table and chairs!! Bet that saves a lot of room too! They look so grown up!!!

Kellie said...

Awe...good times in Athens. I remember all those times we cruised around the court house. Glad all is well in Alabama.