Monday, June 29, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes ...

Al took the kids to the zoo today. Tonight at dinner I asked the kids what animals they saw ... to which William replied:

"We didn't see the gorilla."

Sadly, Jamie, a 24 year old western lowland gorilla at our zoo died this past week. He was a beautiful, graceful creature of God and our kids enjoyed visiting him each trip to the zoo. So, I wasn't sure what William thought about the gorilla being gone or what Al may have told them knowing that at 2 1/2 they are too young to understand death.

Then William promptly said, "The gorilla was gone to work." Oh, if only life was only that simple! It already makes my heart sad to think of losses they will have in their lifetime. If only there was some way to protect them from such pain and sadness. I imagine that is how our Heavenly Father feels toward us. How wonderful it is to know that we can lay our pain and suffering at the cross and Jesus will carry our burden.

Jamie 1985-2009