Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well, it has been a while since I have had a chance to post anything. It is that working full-time and having triplets deal that keeps getting in the way! So, in an effort to get caught up, here are some pictures taken over the past month. Most recent ones are at the top of this post and the ones toward the end go back to the beginning of March. Here's hoping that I keep up with April a little better!
W, A, and J today before their 6 month check-up. They were approximately 17, 15 and 16 pounds respectively!
The "Four Generation Picture" taken this past weekend in Alabama. L-R Quenta, Addison, Grandmom and Mimi. Did I mention that we drove 650 miles to spend the entire weekend in Huntsville Hospital with Addison? That was a lot of fun. She got sick while in Alabama and had to be treated for dehydration. She is much better now as you can see from the picture above.
Her oh-s0-cool hospital bed. Did I say she looks like an Angel?
She was a good sport ... about everything but the IV!
A and W in their Easter outfits. Yes, we know it is a little early!
W, A, and J with my parents.
William hanging out.
Addison playing!
Jackson literally hanging out!
Sweet Addison.
Sleepy William.
All 3 smiling at the same time! W, A, and J.
Mom with all 3! W, A, and J.
William ... teething???
Mommy's boss baby-sits and gives Mommy and Daddy a much needed break!
The Berutti's Baby-Sit! Wow, they were brave.
Mommy giving William his breathing treatment.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Pictures from Saturday, March 3rd

Well, you are going to see what you will think are multiple picturess that are basically the same. And you are right! However, when you have 3 babies, it is almost impossible to get them to all smile and look cute at the same time ... thus the need for multiple pictures that all look similar! PS note that Jackson is almost always smiling! In this first series, it is L to R: William, Addison, and Jackson.
William ... our little boy!
Jackson, the smiley one!
Addison ... our angel! Addison (otherwise known as SuperGirl) flies off with the two villians she captured (William on the left and Jackson on the right)!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

We are still here ...

Not much time to update the blog recently ... we have been very busy to say the least! Long story short, since we put the kids in daycare, they have been sick. William and Addison are on breathing treatments four times each day. Luckily, they only have mild cases of the respiratory infection so we don't have to wake them up during the night to give them their Nebulizer treatments. In spite of the little ones being sick, we have had a great couple of weeks. We pulled them out of daycare two weeks ago (ask me about William's hand). Since then, Grandpa and Mimi Coblentz came and took care of them for a week and Great Uncle Charles and Great Aunt Lulu (Linda) have been here this week. We are thankful for family!!! Here are some recent pictures:
Jackson and William enjoying some "tummy time" together.
Jackson in the car coming home from church.
Mom holding Jackson during Baby Dedication at church.

Mimi Coblentz and Grandpa Coblentz with William during Baby Dedication.

Dad with Addison at Baby Dedication.

Mom and Jackson again!