Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Pictures from Saturday, March 3rd

Well, you are going to see what you will think are multiple picturess that are basically the same. And you are right! However, when you have 3 babies, it is almost impossible to get them to all smile and look cute at the same time ... thus the need for multiple pictures that all look similar! PS note that Jackson is almost always smiling! In this first series, it is L to R: William, Addison, and Jackson.
William ... our little boy!
Jackson, the smiley one!
Addison ... our angel! Addison (otherwise known as SuperGirl) flies off with the two villians she captured (William on the left and Jackson on the right)!!

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Lisa Garth said...

Hi Quenta and Al,

I REALLy enjoyed looking at the pictures. Several of them mde me laugh out loud. I've decided that William looks like Daniel (or maybe he's a Daniel and Al mixture)and Addison (who is gorgeous) looks like her mom and Jackson, who is so cheerful and happy looks just like his dad. Kate and Abby are really cute! I also enjoyed the links to the Greenwald babies. They had some great pics of your family too!

Love ya'll,