Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Did he just say Peter Parker?

The kids are really into super hereos.  Jackson is a Spiderman guy ... William prefers Batman ... and Addison is SuperGirl.  For a while, we were letting them watch some episodes of Batman and Spiderman on NetFlix.  Until we decided that they really were not great content for 4 year olds ...

During the short time they were watching Spiderman and Batman, they learned their real names ... Peter Parker and Bruce Banner.  For a time, the boys would even pretend that they were Peter Parker and Bruce Banner. 

One Sunday in church, our preacher was telling a story about another member of our congregation ... Buddy Parker.  As soon as he said Buddy Parker's name, Addison's eyes got big and she leaned over and said, "Did he just say Peter Parker?" 

She must have asked me at least 10 times if Peter Parker was at church with us that day!  She was very disappointed to learn that it was Buddy Parker ... and Buddy Parker was pleased to hear he had been mistaken for Spiderman!