Friday, April 11, 2008

Bible Study

Just before we left Dallas, we attended Home Group at the Netherton's. What a wonderful gathering of people for Christion fellowship and to study the Bible and praise God. We had such a good time, we wish we had attended sooner ... but we have definitely resolved to find a Home Group here to get involved with.
Addison trying to lead Bible Study!

Addison and Miss Kelly

Addison wearing my favorite shirt ... "I play with my food"

Yes, the boys were there too! I just didn't get any good pics of them!

Take care!


Denise Wheeler said...

I love the pictures of Addison. Too bad you couldn't get any good ones of the boys.
There is nothing better than finding a great place for Christian fellowship.
Hope you are having better luck getting settled than I am.

Keith & Jessica said...

Very cute! I would be amazed and encouraged if they don't fight over what color chair they want!