Tuesday, April 8, 2008

25 THOUSAND pounds of stuff ...

That is what the moving company says we have ... 25,000 pounds of stuff. Where did it all come from? I remember when I could fit all of my stuff in my car and it wasn't that long ago. Well, now that I think about it, it was 18 years ago! Wow! On our last move we only took a week or so to get settled in. On our last move we didn't have kids. You need a lot more stuff when you have kids and you outgrow your stuff pretty quickly. My problem is that as they outgrow the stuff, I'm not keeping up with getting rid of the stuff. But guess what. My new neighborhood is having a yard sale the first weekend in May. So, I have incentive to go thru all of my stuff and get rid of everything I don't need. Like that size 5 blue, cord dress hanging in my closet? One of my favorite dresses of all-time. Let's face it ... I'm never going to be a size 5 again ... not to mention, if I did get down to a size 5 I would be treating myself to a whole new wardrobe ... not wearing some old dress from 1994! We've not got a basement FULL of stuff that I don't have time to go thru. I can barely get our essentials unpacked and put away. 30++ years of my stuff, 10 1/2 years of marriage stuff, 1 1/2 years of baby stuff ... no wonder my basement is so full! Here's hoping that we make enough at the garage sale to buy a new fridge ... did I mention that ours won't fit in the spot in our new house! :) Al loaded down in the mini-van headed from Texas to Alabama. A van-load of plants and motorcycles!
The back of the big truck that moved all of our stuff ... 25,000 pounds of stuff!
Just another shot of the truck ... you can see our new house in the background!


Ellie's parents said...

Nice blog. Cute kids.

Don't even ask me how I found your blog because I don't really remember... just goofing off on the net. In any event, as I read your blog I was struck by several coincidences: we both have children with red hair (some say redheads are becoming more and more rare); my last name is Addison; and, I attended NCSU. It's so funny how a random search yielded these results.

Oh well, congrats on the promotion and the new house. Enjoy!

Leslie said...

Loving, loving, loving this. I had to laugh at the fact that you didn't mention Al's 30+ years of stuff? Didn't he get to keep any of it? Love you all, Lisa