Thursday, April 3, 2008


We had a great Easter Holiday. We were all together ... after being separated for the week due to the move! The kiddos are sporting Easter outfits made by Al's Mom ... Grandma Jack. Thanks Grandma Jack! We celebrated the day with our family in Alabama. It is good to be home!
Just the 5 of us!

Super cool Addison!

William and Mommy

Cousins Kate and Abby

Super Cool William (the sun glasses were a hit all around!)

And last, but certainly not least ... Super Cool Jackson!

Jackson and his bunny ears ...

Addison relaly enjoying her bunny ears!


All 3 with their baskets ... no candy ... just toys!

Kate and Abby in their new chairs!

Sweet Addison and an egg!

The baskets ...

The kiddos "opening" their baskets ...

The sand shovels were a big hit! Thanks Mimi!


Lynn Leaming said...

Love the pictures!! I bet it just gets more fun all the time as the kids grow and can enjoy the different celebrations! Looks like Easter was alot of fun.

Anonymous said...

So happy the move went so smoothly and especially happy you are back on line with pictures. They are too, too darling. I open your e-mail updates FIRST when they arrive. Hope you make it back to Raleigh before too long! Blessings. MEB and Ron

owldog1 said...

Awesome pictures. I am so glad you are near family. What a blessing. With all the food your family needs I am surpised Mr. Mom only had to make one trip to Walmart. :) I cannot imagine with all 3 but I bet they loved it.

The Dairy Wife said...

Love the bunny ears! They look so cute.

Have they adjusted to the move yet?


Anderson-Brown Family said...

OMG...Quenta and Al..the Parents. I love the pictures of the babies. That Addison looks just like MOMMY!! I didn't get that lucky. Both EJ (Eric Jr.) and Evan look like Daddy. The only thing they got from me is my nose...oh and my sunny personality of course. I can so agree with you when it comes to the "stuff". We have alot of "stuff" too. I hope one day we can see each other again and let the families meet and greet. Ej and Evan would love to meet the triplets. Take care and keep in touch.

Eric, Alisha, EJ, and Evan Carr
Charlotte, North Carolina

The Texas Trio said...

Eric and Alisha,

Thanks for the comment! We haven't talked to you guys in forever. Would love to see pics of the boys! It was so good to hear from you.