Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Dogwood Festival

What a great weekend we had! We went up to Athens (my parents home town) for the Dogwood festival. For those of you who may not know what a dogwood is ... see the picture below. It is a beautiful flowering, under-story tree. They come in white and pink (to my knowledge) and don't get too tall ... but they are so pretty! Then in the evening, we went to a suprise birthday/retirement party for Mr. Roy and Ms. Nita! They sure have been a blessing for our family this past year ... travelling all the way to Texas to help out when the kiddos were small and then helping out this past month during our move. Thank you!!!
So the kids had their picure made on this old firetruck ... and Al and I thought we were going to have to buy it! Notice that Willim looks like he is driving it? Well, he did manage to start it up while he was sitting there! I almost had a heart attack! Let's just say that Al and I move pretty quick when the need arises!
Granddaddy and Addison! Thanks for a fun day Granddaddy! And below, Grandaddy with Addison, Mimi, Mom with William and Daddy with Jackson!
Notice the nice bruise on Jackson's cheek? He took a little tumble into the window sill on Friday!
I had to include this one ... everyone who knows Addison knows she likes to eat! Here she is going after a graham cracker!
William and Jackson both did a great job of wearing their hats all day. We were trying to make sure they didn't get sunburned. Notice Addison in the back-ground on this pic ... she looks a little like a vampire!
Addison getting her groove on in these two pictures ... a little disco groove! I think she liked listening to the music the most!


Denise Wheeler said...

How precious! It looks like you had a great weekend. The kids are so adorable. I have to know....when exactly is their bday? I am so curious to know how close together our trio's are.

Denise Wheeler said...

Hi Quenta! You are right, your trio is almost exactly 2 months older than mine. My trio's bday is Nov. 16.
You are so right, we are so blessed. I had the opportunity tonight to talk to one of the nurses that transported my trio to a different hospital. There was a second set of triplets born a little while after mine. I found out from her tonight that all 3 died. So sad.
As for the camera, I love it! It is a Canon Digital Rebel 300D. I really wanted the XTi but beggars can't be to picky. I got a great deal on it from a guy at work. Which leads to how I am able to blog so often. I do most of it at work. I take my laptop with me and us my Sprint connection card to get on the net. I am a paramedic so I have plenty of down time in between calls. Which leads to how I am observant enough to see that our girls have the same shirt, it is just part of my job. Whew! Long comment. Sorry.

Mom and Dad of the Brock Twins said...

Love your new photos, so colorful. I will try and get a new post up this week. Can't wait to see you guys too!

Marianne said...

Athens sure is a fun place isn't it? Looks like you and your cuties had a blast.

Jen/Hoboken Triplets said...

Great pictures! They are so adorable. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!