Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas pictures

We finally got around to opening our gifts about 9pm Christmas evening! Don't think that in future years our children will let us wait that late!!!!! Al and I never even got around to wrapping our gifts for each other ... about 7pm, I looked over at him and said that I didn't think we would get around to wrapping and opening, so did we just want to tell each other what we got? And that's what we did! We are now enjoying our visti with Daniel, Joana, Heidi and Mom. They will be here until January 2nd and Dad will be joining us on Saturday. The 4 of them are headed off to see Auburn in the Cotton Bowl on New Year's day. Al and I will not be joining them ... no babysitter and the kids just are not ready for their first football game yet!
The Five of us!
Quenta and babies (William up top).
Al and his boys (Jackson up top) Al and all 3 (Jackson up top) Al and Jackson
Al and William
Al and Addison
Quenta and Addison
Jackson and William
Quenta and William
Quenta and Jackson
Jackson and Addison
Quenta and William


Muffy said...

They are gorgeous!! But I think you guys are gonna be in BIG trouble over those "Elf" outfits some day.

Lisa said...

They are absolutely gorgeous, but I think you guys are gonna be in BIG trouble over those "Elf" out fits some day.