Saturday, June 2, 2007

Some people may think we are crazy ...

... to travel 650 miles with 3 babies in a mini-van! But we did it ... again. And might I add that this trip was a bit better than the last one. We had a wonderful time in Alabama visiting my family. The babies got to meet all sorts of new cousins! Here are some pics from the trip as well as a few other shots taken since Mother's Day. Enjoy!
A and J playing in the back of the van. Don't worry, we were not driving ... just sitting in a gas station parking lot feeding and changing babies. Having a quick hug before we hit the road again!
Does J just look like he got busted or what?
Granddaddy and Mimi with Jackson
... and with William
... and with Addison
... and with all 3 babies! We love that back-porch swing!
A says ... wait, he took my paci!
Mimi having play time with the babies.
Great-grandmom with J, A, and W.
Wow! This is a lot of babies. These babies range in age from 4 to 14 months. We had a lot of babies born in our family this past year. L-R: Kate and Abby Coblentz, William, Addison, and Jackson Pollard, Tululah Greenwald and Judah Greenwald! What a fun photo-shoot this was!
Great-grandmom with Addison!
Jackson and one of our "Top 5 Cousins"--Michelle!
Baby play-time. My Mom and Dad ... we had a family photo-shoot on the Sunday before Memorial Day.
Their first time touching grass. William is studying it!
J and W ...
All 3 in the grass ... J was not enjoying it!
William ... still studying the grass!
The twins and the triplets together ... good luck getting them all to smile at the same time ... or to even just face the same direction!
William and Abby!
At least they are all facing the same way!
Jackson in the van on the way back to Texas. Just looking too cute to leave out!
J at home practicing his best Superman impression!
Dad and William taking a Sunday afternoon nap!


Lynn said...

Glad to see ya'll had a fun and safe trip! Looks to me like Tululah is flirting with Jackson?
It is amazing how quickly the trio is growing!

Anonymous said...

Quenta & Al - Just discovered that you all had a blog site. Wow! The things that you get done amaze me! Anyway, I loved going through all of the info and looking at all of the pics. Al's baby pic is so much like William yet wasn't it Jackson who acts like him. Oooh! You could be in trouble!

Just wanted to say that I loved having all of you over the other night. Hopefully, we can do it again soon!


owldog1 said...

I just found your blog also and LOVE it. The hand and footprints are wonderful.

I love the pictures and the family article in the newspaper.

The Texas Trio said...

owldog, thanks for the comment. Do we know you or did you just stumble across our site by accident?