Friday, September 21, 2007

Triplets 1st Birthday

OK..... If you were wondering why the delay..... Let's just say everyone left after the weekend. I mean EVERYONE:) Grandma Jack, Mimi, Grandaddy Pollard, Grandaddy Coblentz, the Coblentz Twins, Tulie (Tommy and Julie), Dananna (Daniel and Joana), Aunt Ronda, Great Grandma Smith AND Quenta! Quenta was on a business trip until Friday.
That's right, Dad had the helm for four days and four nights.....
So here you are........ the FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!
At least part of it:)

Lunch at the Dallas Aquarium on their Birthday

"The Bus" at the Aquarium. Notice the diaper bag on the bus and the backpack on Daddy. You never know what you may need:)

Jackson takes note that some of the fish are MUCH bigger than he is.....

The Coblentz Twins taking in everything....

The Day of the Party... What do you get when you add..

Triplets and two sets of Twins?

A great photo opp:)

More pics to come!

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