Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mommy's Birthday!

On Friday, I wore a purple "Today is my Birthday" button to work. Of course, Saturday (today) is really my birthday, but I never seem to be at work on my birthday and for some reason, I really wanted everyone to know it was my birthday this year! Someone at work asked me what was my best year ... 21 ... 25 ...29 ... I said this year! To me it would be sad to think that my best year was in the past ... what would I have to look forward to? This has been my best year ever and I expect next year to be the best ever too! We had a great family day today. Al attempted to be sneaky and let me sleep in. I knew that he would, so I actually set my alarm. I didn't want to miss one minute of the day that I would be spending with my husband and my children! After a leisurely morning spent at home, we loaded the kids up and headed to Grapevine Texas for lunch. We ate lunch at one of my favorite places ... The Cracker Barrell! Then we headed over to the Gaylord Texan. It is a huge Hotel, Visitors and Conference Center. The following pics were made inside the Gaylord. It looks like we were on vacation somewhere! Thank you to my family for the best birthday ever!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Hope to see you soon!


Lynn Leaming said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Don't guess ya'll braved the cold with the kids and went to see ICE? I saw it a couple of years ago and it was amazing. I think it it so refreshing you treasure time with your family over sleep!!

Lynn Leaming said...

After reading your blog went to Rachel Cooke's and there she is standing at the Ice Show. She has several pictures on her blog if you didn't get to see it.

Mom and Dad of the Brock Twins said...

Well Happy Belated Birthday! You should have told me it was your Birhday when I was on the phone with you. What a perfect little family!