Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jackson gets 1st haircut!

We have a cute little place just down the street for kids haircuts called "Snip-Its". On Saturday, we took the boys for a haircut ... William's 3rd (his hair grows like a weed) and Jackson's 1st. William is becoming a pro at it ... Jackson had a hard time sitting still. Imagine that!
Addison playing at Snip-Its

Jackson and his long hair!

Jackson and his cute new haircut!


Mom and Dad of the Brock Twins said...

Our fingers are crossed too! Hopefully our 3rd attempt will work out. Addison is such a doll. I can't wait till my girls have that much hair to play with!

Marianne said...

Third haircut, wow! Finn will be three in May and hasn't had a haircut yet. I just can't bear to trim the few curls she has in the back. Your three look great as always though!

Anonymous said...

Too, too cute. These updates make my day! Hugs and big mushy kisses to all. MEB