Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon ...

These were all made last Sunday afternoon just hanging-out around the house after church. What a beautiful day it was! Without a doubt, the most fun thing in my life is just hanging-out in my house with my family. Once again, I am in awe at how much God has blessed me. And the best part of it all (well, at least equally as good as the wonderful 3 babies) is my husband. We enjoy spending time with each other and we love being together as a family. 10 years and counting ...
Miss Addison with her ball

Jackson and one of his favorite toys ... an empty "puff" container!



William somewhere he is not supposed to be!

Addison ...

Addison looking like she just got "busted" doing something!

Did I mention that Addison loves balls? I kinda wish she like dolls but I guess she takes after her Mommy!

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Lynn Leaming said...

Just heard the news last night that ya'll are moving??? The person telling me didn't know the when and where, just that your job was transferring you??

Hope it is not true, but if it is hope you will keep us updated through your blog.