Sunday, March 2, 2008

God is so good

Wow! What a whirl-wind the past week has been. Our house went on the market here in Dallas on Friday the 22nd. We got an offer on Monday and were under contract by Wednesday! In this market, this is nothing short of God taking care of us. This really made house-hunting a lot easier ... we were in Alabama this past week looking for our new house. And we found one we love! It is everything that I would want in a new house and I can't wait to get into it!
Here are a few pics of the new house ...
And of course some pics of the kids ... because that is what you are all really here for!

All 3 in their new PJs (thanks Ben and Liz for the gift card!)


Jackson pushing the door over on William!

Jackson upset ... you would have thought that William would be the one upset!

Addison sleeping! William sleeping!

Notice that there is not a picture of Jackson sleeping ... because he always wakes up first!


Anonymous said...

Quenta & Al! Well done!! The house is just beautiful, so happy things are working out so well. The children are absolutely beautiful!! Addison is such a mini Quenta and the boys - well, Al you are shining through! You will be so missed!

Lynn Leaming said...

Wow! That is amazing. I love the new house. It just looks southern. What an awesome sun room and view.

Denise Wheeler said...

Quenta, what a beautiful house! Good luck with the move. I still can't get over how much alike our girls look.

The Dairy Wife said...

Oh my goodness .... your Allie and Denise Wheelers Lucy are the spitting image of each other. At first, I thought Denise was pulling one over on me and I had to keep reading to believe it.

I love your blog ... and your kids are absolutely gorgeous! We're just all lucky aren't we?


Dara said...

The new house is absolutely gorgeous! The view is beautiful! I am sure you will enjoy living there and being so much closer to your family! We sure will miss you guys at Richardson East Church of Christ - come back and visit!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on everything!!! The house looks so PERFECT, like a movie!!! Good Luck in Alabama!!
Lauren Nolley

Jennifer said...

Roll Tide! I'm not sure if you ever switched your allegience, but now that you are back, you have to pick who you are going to root for. I'm glad to hear you will be near the family again. With kids, it kind of seems a little more important, doesn't it?
I know we didn't always think so, but Joe and I also celebrated our 10th anniversary together. Hopefully, we can find time to get together. Lunch one day just wasn't enough to catch up.
Congratulations on your new job. The kids are absolutely adorable and I am very happy for you.

Leslie said...

The house looks perfect!