Monday, March 10, 2008

Miss Kelly

Between times when we get the kids pictures made, I forget how exhausting it can be and how frustrating it is to try to get all 3 to smile (or even look at the camera) at the same time! Saturday, we had our pictures made with Miss Kelly. The kids love their Miss Kelly and we wanted to have some pictures of her with them to put in their new room in Alabama. We love our Miss Kelly. A year ago, God sent Kelly our way after a very trying month of daycare. When I say that she has been a God-send, I mean it literally. It is tough leaving my kids at home every day ... but with Kelly, I know that they will be safe, happy and loved. Kelly, Al and I thank you for the past year ... for all that you have done for us and for Jackson, Addison and William. We love you and have a room ready for you in Alabama whenever you want to visit.
Miss Kelly with all 3 ... thanks Miss Kelly for the cute outfits! Jackson ... no, his hair is really not this color ... I guess I didn't do a good job of scanning the picture in!
All 3 with Miss Kelly
William, Addison and Jackson


Denise Wheeler said...

Absolutely adorable! I love thier outfits.

The Dairy Wife said...

Oh So cute. You're lucky to have a Miss Kelly. We had a Nana Jo and loved her so much for their first 18 months.


Leslie said...

Awwww, they look adorable, and I know how much they love Miss kelly.