Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sunday afternoon . . .

I love Sunday afternoon ... this is one day of the week where we are bad parents in terms of what we feed our kids. But honestly, you can't beat Wendy's $0.99 5-piece chicken nuggets. We get out of church around 11:30am and head straight to the drive-thru ... grab some nuggets ... and head home. Usually the kids are beat ... they have skipped their morning nap and are tired and grumpy ... another reason the drive-thru is so appealing. Come home from church ... scarf down some nuggets and then we are all off to take a nap!
Mommy and Addison

Addison and the horse

Jackson trying to kiss Addison ...

Addison trying to kiss Jackson ... or pick him up?

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Denise Wheeler said...

What cute pictures! We are usually bad on Sundays too. Church is so hard on them right now. They miss their morning nap, so they are exhausted. They have to eat breakfast at 630 because we live so far from our church now and the small snack they get just doesn't cut it, so, they are starving. I guess one day a week is OK though.