Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Aldridge Gardens

We love Aldridge Gardens! It is a free park in the B'ham area and we usually take a pic-nic lunch and stroll around for a couple of hours. Great place for pictures too! The kids enjoyed covering each other ... and us ... in pine straw! It was a little challenging to get them to keep it out of the grass! We did a little "critter" hunting ... with some success! :)
Our first earthworm!
The kids always like to "help" pull the wagon!
And they enjoy dancing with the Rabbit!
We even managed to spot a snake ... I think it is a Midland Water Snake???

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Denise Wheeler said...

OK, pictures are adorable. The worm would have totally freaked me out! I had a horrible experience with a bucket of earth worms at about the age of 10. I just can't handle it. I also have a serious aversion to bugs in general. Boy am I in trouble with these 2 boys of mine.