Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The end of an era

Well, we have reached that age ... the age where you can't really sneak anything by them.  It is the end of an era ... a good era.  But, I'm sure the beginning of a new one that is just as good!

The other night we were at the kitchen table after dinner.  Jackson had been having some ear problems (swimmers ear) and we had to put drops in his ear each morning and night.  I had just finished putting the drops in his ear when Addison walked up.

Addison:  Mommy, I want to watch you put drops in Jackson's ear.
Me:  OK sweetie (and I proceeded to pretend to put the drops in his ear)
Addison:  Mommy, why did you pretend it?
Me:  Uh ...
Daddy:  laughs hysterically

So, guess I won't be pretending it anymore!


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