Sunday, January 28, 2007

We survived the first week

William napping with Dad on a lazy Saturday afternoon!
What a little angel!
Addison after her Saturday spa service (bath provided by Mom)
William and Addison on a "school day"
Well, we survived the first week of day care! I must say, it was a challeging week and I even had two days off ... if it all goes as intended, here is our typical morning:
4:20 am Q wakes up
4:30 am Q pumps
5 am Q done pumping and Al wakes up--both get showers and ready for work up to point of getting dressed in case a baby spits up on us
5:45 am get babies up, dressed, faces washed and tummies full of milk
6:55 am Mom and Dad get dressed for work
7:00 am Get babies in their car seats--let the crying commence!
7:10 am Everyone is loaded into Mom's mini-van--Dad jumps in his and is off to work
7:25 am Mom and babies arrive at day care--Mommy calls inside and they
send someone out to help get babies in
7:35 am Mommy back in the van and on the way to work
7:59 am Mommy breezes into work as if she has had 8 hours of sleep!
Now, just imagine this process in reverse and you have an idea of what our evenings look like!!!!! But we made it! And I'm sure it will get easier as we get into our routine!


Marianne said...

Greetings Quenta and Al,
I am one of Quenta's many distant AL cousins and I just wanted to say I am really enjoying the pics of all three of your cuties! What a wonderful family you have.

Marianne McMullins Scott, daughter of Margaret, granddaughter of JB (just so you know which cousin I am)

Nanent Jackson said...

Congratulations! I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures! I always knew you two would be great parents! :) 0 to 3 kids...kind of sounds like me on the day I got married. 0 to 3 step kids. Now 5,7, & 13. They're great though. Keep the pictures & post comming. I know it's hard but it's enjoyed.

Take care and that massage sounds like it's much needed! Enjoy!~~Nannet Jackson (Elhard)...for you who don't know Q use to me my supervisor at ERAC in Washington state.