Tuesday, October 9, 2007


OK, these pictures were made over the past few weeks. This is just an attempt to not get so behind in my updates! Enjoy!

I thought nutritional content was the most important thing when shopping for the perfect breakfast bar ... nope, I should have considered smashability! Jackson loves his breakfast bars and he looks really cute wearing them!

Jackson and Daddy napping on a Sunday afternoon.
Um, Addison too cute to need a caption!

And again ...

Showing off her new haircut compliments of Mommy! Daddy says she looks like a little John Denver ... Country Roads is one of my favorites!

Al and his little mini-me William.

Addison in her favorite position ... pulling on Mommy's legs!

Jackson and Addison holding hands at dinner. Kids ... only your Alabama cousins are allowed to do that!

Jackson loves his yogurt ... and he looks cute wearing it too!

No need for words ... our ever-so-happy Jackson!

And sweet little Addison ...

And cute little William!

And, since we live in the plastic surgery capital of the US ... we thought we would get a head start for Addison!

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Mom and Dad of the Brock Twins said...

Love the pictures! They are getting so big. Can't wait for this weekend!!!!