Monday, December 3, 2007


Here are a few more from our trip to NC!
It looks like they are about to get patted down! J and A in the airport in Texas watching the planes take off and land before boarding their first flight.

All 3 hanging out before our flight. The goal was to get them good and tired so they would sleep on the plane. It worked!

Jackson checking out the airplanes in the Raleigh airport before our return trip.

William about to escape!

G-Daddy Pollard with the trips!

G-Daddy Pollard with the boys!

Cousin Walker's art!
Aunt Lou and Daddy Bob at the baptism. The babies after they were baptized. The babies and the grandparents.
All the cousins! Addison with her clothes on backwards ... yes, Mommy dressed her! Aunt Lou with William
G-Daddy and Jackson. G-Daddy Pollard with the babies at the hotel! Grandma Jack and Addison at lunch!
Allison and Jackson at lunch ... he's such a flirt!


owldog1 said...

Loved the trip photos. You guys are so brave. Looked like it was fun.

Allison Lezon said...

Your trio is so cute! Thanks for visiting my site too. Can't believe we live so close to each other, I am in Lewisville. I hope my babies are as big as yours when they are born!
Take care,

Kaitlin said...

It was fun watching y'all take pics this morning. Sorry I distractied Jackson. lol.

I'm Kaitlin, btw. I don't believe we've met, other than this morning. I'm the one with the banana. :)