Friday, December 21, 2007


OK, once again, I turn around and almost a month has gone by ... well, at least 3 weeks. Three weeks in which we have had 3 sick babies ... just the sniffles, but we did have a good four nights in a row where someone wasn't sleeping well. Then to top it off, Al and I got it too! So that added another 2 nights where I didn't sleep. You know it is serious if I break-down and actually go to the doctor! By the way, they have some GREAT prescription cough syrup these days!
These pics range from the week of Thanksgiving to last night. Enjoy!
So, really, I only put this first pic in here because I look kinda skinny in it. That makes me HAPPY!!!
Mom and William
Mom with Jackson and Addison--it was COLD that day in AL!
Addison and Jackson looking like a GAP ad!
Thought this one was too cute to pass up!

Mom and Addison.


Jackson again! I thought we were going to have a little Christmas Story of our own!

Jackson too cute!

I really don't have any favorites! The camera just loves the boy!

The Munchkins!

Jackson with cousin Kate in the background.

Cousin Michele with Jackson at Thanksgiving.

Sweet little William

Caught 'ya Aunt Barbara!

The triplets watch the twins eat lunch!

Jackson got a horse for Christmas from Grandmom and Rhonda! He looks a little worried!

Smiley Jackson!

Mom and her boys!

Did everyone but me realize blueberries were this messy?

The kids were blue for an hour after they ate them! That stuff does not want to come off of skin! And don't even ask about the clothes!

Addison with her first pony tail! Pebbles next year for Halloween?

Jackson clowning around in the kitchen!
Did I mention we are selling product placement now? Just kidding! This just happens to be their new favorite toy! They love to shake'em! Mom with her boys again ... is this the same pic?
Jackson sitting still for about 30 seconds! A rare moment. It was bed-time and we had just finished saying our prayers. All 3 wanted to be held by Mommy and they didn't push each other away. We rocked for at least 5 minutes! Long enough for Daddy to run downstairs and grab the camera!


Lynn Leaming said...

It is always fun to see your new pictures. It is just amazing how quickly the kids are growing! I bet your Christmas will be so fun! Can't wait to see them with Santa. I bet if ya'll got your pictures made for the pictorial directory that it was an adventure?? Have a blessed Christmas!

owldog90 said...

SO PRECIOUS Thanks for sharing.