Thursday, June 26, 2008

Progress Report ...

The kids go to a Mommy's/Daddy's day out program on Tuesdays and Thursdays at a local church. They love the program and have a lot of fun playing with the other kids ... even if some days they make up half of the class!
Each day they go, the school gives us a progress report at the end of the day ... here was a recent one:
"Jackson likes to try new things!"
"William plays well with other children!"
"Addison ... enjoys her lunch!"
And it is so true! Addison enjoys her yum-yums ... just like her Mommy! But isn't it funny that eating is what she is known for? :)

I stole this picture from Daddy's Blog ... if you haven't visited his blog yet, you really should. It is good stuff! You can click this link to visit his blog ...

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kim said...

This is Kim from lifewithzmc. Thanks for visiting my blog. Life does only get better and more fun as they grow. I don't know if you have joined the local multiples group (BAMOM--B'ham area mothers of multiples)but they offer a lot of playgroups and mom's night out and a HUGE consignment sale. The Triplets and More group has dinner (kid free) the 3rd Thursday of every month at a different restaraunt each time. We have so much fun sharing pictures, stories, advice, clothes, and toys. Let me know if you are interested in coming. You are welcome to contact me at to chat or ask questions!!!